About the SCC

The purposes of the Southeastern Corridor Council include:

  • Fully support DOT and FHWA Alternative Fuel Corridor objectives

  • Facilitate visually consistent DOT/FWHA Alternative Fuel Corridor Signage Programs across all our states, included for both Identification (corridor) and Directional (wayfinding) Signage

  • Establish regular calls and meetings with respective state DOT officials to develop criteria for developing effective Alternative Fuel signage programs

Participating States Include:


South Carolina
North Carolina

The SCC is made up of coordinators and other staff from Clean Cities coalitions across these states, from Virginia to Louisiana; state DOT representatives from those same states; federal DOT/FHWA representatives; and Trev Hall the Southeast Regional Manager for the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program. The Council’s leadership team includes:  Mark Bentley and Michael Staley (AL), Jonathan Overly (TN), Caitlin Rose (NC), Carina Soriano (NC) and Ann Vail (LA).

In 2021, the Council started working to expand and include other states and regions in the U.S. This expansion work continues and other state Clean Cities coalitions and state DOTs are slowly joining the effort. The expectation is that in the first half of 2022 the name will change to simply the “Corridor Council.”

Photos of Corridor Signs

Alt Fuels corridor signage next to interstate
Southeastern State Signs
Signs from Other States, Regions


For more information on corridor designations from FHWA, visit the FHWA Alternative Fuel Corridors main page or Interactive GIS Maps page.

Acronyms used above and elsewhere on this page: CNG = compressed natural gas, EV = electric vehicle, LNG = liquified natural gas.

To access the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Station Locator page. Recognize that there are several tools that are part of the Station Locator (beyond just locating stations for the different alt fuels), including being able to download data, mapping a route, and making corridor measurements.

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